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Critics Talk About Cowboy Del Amor
A film by Michèle Ohayon

Richly amusing and sporadically insightful . . . Michèle Ohayon takes an obviously bemused yet scrupulously nonjudgmental approach to Thompson and his clientele.

Michèle Ohayon’s Cowboy del Amor turns out to be one of the sweetest, funniest and most enjoyable nonfiction films you are likely to see this year.
New York Observer
A charming, bittersweet documentary about a self-proclaimed "cowboy cupid" who specializes in introducing American men to Mexican women.
Los Angeles Times

Directed by Michèle Ohayon with a light touch and an attentive ear for the regressive attitudes beneath the humor....
New York Times

Amusing, often politically incorrect and, in the end, warmly insightful about the unpredictable ways of the heart.
Los Angles Daily News

"Cowboy del Amor" is an excellent film.
Limestone Media

Ohayon crafts a gem of a film . . . sharply observed, well paced and very, very funny.
Austin 360

Watching Cowboy del Amor is like love at first sight! A strange, yet funny and memorable experience that tugs your heart when you least expect it to!
The New York City Movie Guru director Michele Ohayon's expertly rendered documentary "Cowboy del Amor," each side gets a voice, to express sadness, hope and unrealistic expectations.

"Cowboy Del Amor (is) a subtle sociological commentary..."
The Eye Weekly, Toronto

The audience loved it. People were laughing and crying...
Bob Edwards, The Bob Wedwards Show

True love, unrequited love, love at first sight and love lost,,, you’ll find it all in "Cowboy del Amor"

Truly a step above most . . . Shot with style and prowess . . .

Michèle Ohayon’s wildly entertaining documentary follows Thompson as he makes matches and reflects on life and love . . . with unusual wit and compassion.
Austin American-Statesman

Even the most intractable feminist will find a soft spot for this wily love trader.
Austin Chonicle

An intensely watchable, highly effective film . . .

A well done . . . entertaining documentary . . .

...Simpatico, gracioso, y emotivo filme...
El Mundo, Latino News Toronto

Many filmmakers tend to be observational and removed, but Michele draws you into the hearts and minds of her subjects
The Jewish Journal

The sexagenarian New Mexican matchmaker is a charming, down-home hoot.
Timeout New York

It's both a compliment and a criticism to say that Michèle Ohayon's scrappy documentary ends much too quickly. Every moment of this story - about America's unlikeliest matchmaker - is fascinating. We just need more of them.
New York Daily News

A 60-year-old eccentric with a knack for self-promotion, Thompson makes an engaging documentary subject.
Village Voice

Cute, quaint and quite often funny in that homegrown way, Cowboy del Amor is a charming documentary that looks at desperate, lonely men and their unlikely savior, Ivan Thompson....

Ohayon’s film works both as a fascinating study of gender attitudes and a hugely entertaining episode of blind date... filled with humor and surprises.
TV Guide

It's not long before genuine human complexity takes over this hilarious, hugely entertaining "documentary comedy."
The Oregonian

Ohayon artfully attains a hilarious narrative with honest underpinnings of a bigger theme. "Cowboy Del Amor" is Dynamic, Complicated and Downright Hilarious.
New West Network

This documentary about Ivan Thompson, the Cowboy Cupid, is sure to get plenty of panties in a twist.
Willamette Week Online

As documentary subjects go, there are few more colorful figures imaginable than Ivan Thompson, the self-described "Cowboy Cupid."
The Hollywood Reporter

Thought-provoking and hilarious
Austin 360


Austin 360

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New York Times

Los Angeles Daily News

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New West

The Bay Area Reporter

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